Learn, Grow, Master, Teach: A Journey of Joy

As you move into 2017, ask yourself four questions as a leader and a human being. 

What new this year do I want to learn? Have fun brainstorming - just write down five ideas and pick one or two where you can focus. 

Where do I want to grow? Pick an area you’re beginning to understand but need more exposure. This could be personal, such as deepening your ability to play a musical instrument, or something more directly related to your work. Remember, all points are connected.

What do you want to master? This is an area where you want to dig deep and already have some expertise. You may not be able to fully accomplish this in 2017, but you can decide it’s your ultimate goal to master this.  

Where to you want to teach? Here is where you give back. All of us have knowledge and experience that we can share with others.  For most, it won’t be stand-up, formal instruction. Instead it’s about mentoring, walking along side someone, passing on wisdom that you have learned over time.  

These simple steps can lead to great insight and a more mindful start to the year. Learning, growing, mastering, and teaching cultivates a journey of joy – a virtuous cycle of life. What a privilege.