Test Yourself: How Strong Is Your Company’s Purpose Statement?

A clear and compelling corporate purpose is meaningful and exciting. It inspires customers and partners to recognize that you are doing something unique and gets them out evangelizing for your brand. A compelling purpose also gives employees something to rally around and aspire to. Yet according to Gallup research, just four in 10 employees worldwide strongly agree that the mission or purpose of their company makes them feel their job is important. And less than half of workers in any industry feel strongly connected to their company's mission.

Most companies have some kind of statement of purpose. But are they doing the job they are supposed to do? Your purpose statement should fully define who you are as a company and why you exist. Your company may call its statement of purpose a mission or vision statement. Don’t get hung up on what you call your statement, but focus on what it says. 

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Bezos Must Redefine Value for Amazon

Twenty-two years ago this month, Jeff Bezos launched Amazon. Has the company been a success? The company clearly delivers on measures such as revenue, market share, and new product growth. Amazon has tremendous influence on shaping the way business works today – across every industry. Yet it has some serious shortcomings. If Amazon wants to be around to celebrate its 100th birthday, it must expand its definition of value.

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