Crafting Destiny: The Power of a Life Narrative

Research shows that two people raised in the same circumstances can create completely different outcomes for how they end up in life. One, a failure who says, “If you came from my background, you’d be all messed up too.” The other who says, “Because of my background, I had to create a different future than what I grew up with.”  Each person takes a completely different view of their circumstances, based on a mindset that they have developed over time. A thousand choices, made every day, shapes a life journey.  

This is how we “craft destiny.” We shape our lives by drawing on the life narrative that resides in both our conscious and unconscious awareness. Becoming fully aware of the life we want to create is a process. It requires “unpacking” or “unfolding” of what really matters to us.  

Trust me - it’s critical that you articulate your life narrative. A narrative is a story – it is your story – that continues to unfold every day.  The story has a plot and you are the main character in how the plot unfolds and how the story ultimately ends – happy or sad.   Speaking your story out loud, owning it, and then having it reinforced by others are key steps in building a conscious commitment to making it central to your everyday life. 

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Critical Issue: Defending a Good Company from Bad Investors

In 2018 I plan to write a “Critical Issues” series for CEOs, boards, and senior teams. Drawing from current news events and the real, every-day challenges I work on with CEOs, I hope to spark discussion, debate, and action. In addition to my own writing, I’ll share and provide context around important articles from others. 

Today I want to highlight a Harvard Business Review article on activist investors -- whether by hedge funds, corporate raiders, or family/private investors. The piece uses data and examples to illustrate the flaws in the model most investors have used for decades to measure shareholder value, and offers a new purpose oriented model. David Pyott, our own CEO from Orange County, who led Allergan through their takeover bid, is interviewed following the article.

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