Habits of the Heart

Every morning, regardless of where I am in the world, I get up, make a cup of coffee, and just sit for a few minutes to reflect on the day ahead. I begin my daily ritual with an expression of gratitude, usually for my wife Karen, other members of our family, and for people I know and care about. I cultivate the mindset of abundance and thankfulness that carries me into the day with the feeling of “my cup runneth over.”  

After simple reflection and quiet breathing with no pencil or cell phone in hand, I like to pick up a book of short readings. Recently I’ve been reading Wendell Barry, the poet who lives on a farm in Kentucky and left New York City to connect with nature and the earth. I’ve worked at memorizing his poem, The Peace of Wild Things

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Five 2017 Commencement Speakers Who Get What Matters Most

The 2017 graduation season is just about to conclude. Graduation is one of those natural times to pause, reflect, and think about what matters most to you, what mark you want to make on the world. And it’s never too late to tread that path of thinking again. Those of us sitting as parents in the audience, or just watching the speeches online can take time and think about our own priorities. How far have we progressed in our personal journeys?

Looking across the many great commencement speeches this year, here are five that stood out to me. 

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Sustainability and Purpose in Fast-Fashion H&M

Last month, the fast-fashion apparel company H&M released its 2016 sustainability report. The company set a commitment to use 100 percent recycled or other sustainably-sourced materials by 2030 and to become climate positive throughout its entire value chain by 2040.  

While they aren’t the first company to make such a commitment, they are an example of the growing trend toward “closed loop” or “cradle to cradle” product development in fashion. (Learn more about this approach from my podcast interview with Bridgett Luther of Cradle to Cradle Products Innovation Institute.) 

This is big shift for fashion companies that have made their money by coming out with new designer lines each season. Lower priced apparel manufacturers have a reputation for making lower quality, “disposable” clothing not built to last. H&M, in particular, has been criticized for this.

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