Path to Purpose

By Douglas A. Wilson

 A critical element of activating organizational purpose is having an inspiring purpose statement to rally around. Whether you are starting from scratch or improving your existing statement, here are five steps to help you articulate the broader vision that will ignite passion in your employees and stakeholders.

Early feedback on "Path to Purpose"

"I think this is an excellent paper and will prove very useful to readers.  I really like Doug's practical approach which I find sorely lacking in so many other pieces on purpose. Not only does he make the case for purpose, he provides a realistic approach for how to get there for the reader's company."
Jerry Hurwitz, former EVP HR and CHRO, BD

“Agreeing to a simple, clear, purpose statement that connects to every part of your business is no easy task.  The Path to Purpose White Paper by Douglas Wilson is filled with quality ideas on how to get to your company’s purpose statement.”    
Dick Gochnauer, former CEO United Stationers

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