Consulting with Doug

All of Doug’s work is guided by 3 core principles:

  • The purpose of business is to do both well and good.
  • Great leaders and great organizations excel at providing their people, their customers and their communities both economic and social value.
  • Aligning an enterprise and its people to achieve a worthy purpose is not just the right thing to do, but is also the most effective way to achieve sustained high performance in an increasingly unforgiving competitive environment.

Doug has worked with CEOs and senior teams in a variety of industries. Doug's past clients include Toyota Motors, Ford, Weyerhaeuser, Intuit, and Scripps Health Care. 

Doug currently specializes in four specific areas:  

Strategic Facilitation for Purpose Driven Companies who want to make both a significant economic impact and a social impact in their marketplace. These companies aspire to do well and to do good. Doug is an Executive Fellow at The Center for Higher Ambition Leadership which is composed of over forty Fortune 500 CEOs and multiple professors from the Harvard Business School. Doug partners with the Center to help companies learn from one another, build internal capabilities, and extend their impact with all stakeholders.  

Strategic Growth Groups for CEOs. Doug leads strategic growth groups made up of  CEO's and senior executives. These groups allow companies to accelerate growth and collaborate with like minded leaders. 

Doug has also formed a CEO Learning Group for The Center for Higher Ambition Leadership based in Orange County.  9 of the largest companies in Orange County are participating and all are committed to the 3 core principles of a purpose driven business. The CEOs are exploring the question, "what can we do together that we are not doing individually?" The Center for Higher Ambition leadership is also helping to support CEOs in 3 other cities that are leading a joint community impact effort. 

Longer Term Development with CEOs and companies. Doug crafts partnerships with CEOs who want to grow a company's revenues, profitability, capability, and impact over an extended period of time.  In three cases, Doug has been a key advisor to a company for over 20 years, spanning several CEOs and working with both the owners and the management team. The compensation for these commitments is based both on an annual fee and a participation in the growth of the company. The engagement often starts with crafting a 3 to 5 year differentiating strategy with the senior leadership team and then facilitating the capability development it will require to make the plan a reality. Doug becomes an important thought partner with the CEO and with the senior team.

The Style of Influence Tool. Doug is the co-author of Your Style of Influence, which is an individual assessment and team building tool used by multiple Fortune 500 Companies as well as some of the largest private companies in the world. The tool was written while Doug taught at the USC Graduate School of Business in Organizational Behavior back in the early 80s. The SOI can be purchased at and is operated under a company called Idynamx. Doug works as an advisor/owner with Idynamx and with the companies they assist.  

Next Solutions

Next Solutions, Inc is a consulting company Doug founded in the mid-nineties. Next Solutions works in collaboration with companies that are in the business of providing housing - either for rent, for sale, or in a community, such as senior living and skilled nursing.