Talking with Mark Bertolini of Aetna About Purpose (VIDEO)

My recent conversation with Mark Bertolini, chairman and CEO of Aetna, focused heavily on the organization's drive to innovate and transform health care. What struck me most was how deeply threaded Aetna's purpose is in everything they do. We captured the interview on video, and I want to share here a few highlights where Mark spoke directly to the importance of purpose for Aetna.

Mark shared his ideas around redefining capitalism, specifically how employees today are looking for companies that focus on "People, the Planet and then Profits.” 
Watch clip (1:43)  

We also talked about the social compact Aetna keeps with its employees, and some of the tough calls they've made to make sure they are living up to the commitment they've made to their people. 
Watch clip (6:34)

Want to see the full interview? Watch the video full here or in the player below (27:22)